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An ecotourism and conservation brand, Bush 2 City Adventure has a larger philanthropic mission attached- we envision ourselves to preserve and protect Africa’s wilderness for future generations to come.

With our luxury safari and splendid tours, you will receive a game-changing experience that shall remain embedded in your heart forever. Since 2012, we are committed to providing you with up-to-date knowledge, unparalleled service, and seamless operations. Having a team that has practically worked and lived in Africa, Bush 2 City Adventure now has the best of the best contacts in areas of high-end tourism, resulting in excellent prices at the top lodges, pro guides, and indeed a VIP treatment for all of our clients.

About Jackson

Bush 2 City Adventure is the brainchild of Jackson Solomon. From his childhood to the teens and mid-twenties, gradually, Jackson was fascinated and fell in love with his country. Growing up in a place where coffee grew on every branch to sitting beneath the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro; it’s been surreal. He was a man of sweeping adventure and always wanted to explore and discover new things in life. Hence gradually Jackson realized what he was truly made for and where his passion exactly lies- traveling and adventure.

He did not only work towards achieving a degree in tourism management but lived each and every moment in it. Locally, everyone called him the ‘Adventure Master’ and it was this love and support from people, his undying passion that led him to open up his own company, today named Bush 2 City Adventure. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since and he has absolutely nothing to complain about.

His unadulterated passion and dedication are truly remarkable and also let the period of worldwide pandemic pass seamlessly. The constant urge to provide rewarding moments and give the clients a mind-blowing experience are two core values that he shall never compromise on.

What Do We Do

At Bush 2 City Adventure, you don’t just get another organized luxury safari. No!

We take you on a ride to witness the romantic beach breaks on the spice-laden shores of Zanzibar to witnessing camping beneath a blanket of stars in the Great Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana. From exploring nature’s unique events in store for you to camel riding through ancient tribal villages of Masai Mara Kenya. Be it in Zimbabwe’s remote wilderness, or Uganda’s primate forest; in Tanzania, or on the edge of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda; Mozambique beaches, or Madagascan islands; well, you name it and we’ve curated thousands of tours and successful travels for our clients. We want to invite you and be a part of our world where we live and breathe every single day. Rest assured, we promise you to curate journeys brimming with one-of-a-kind experiences!

Our USP and specialty have been in the minute detailing- we strive to take care of the smallest detail which brings our concept and idea into a reality. With extensive knowledge in tailor-made tours and years spent on the grounds of Africa, we have the expertise to arrange anything you like. We strongly believe that a safari ride isn’t just about walking or game drives etc; it’s experiencing as if you are an adventurer and not a tourist.

With almost a decade in the industry, we combine luxury with adventure and offer highly bespoke trips that indeed dig deep into Africa’s rich potential. When there are so much beauty and incredible ingenuity all around, we want to share these awe-inspiring parts of the continent with our guests who appreciate pristine wide-open spaces, while challenging accepted norms in luxury travel to raise the bar on sustainability.

Our Rollercoaster Journey

Our brand, Bush 2 City Adventure emerged when Jackson was still in University. Yes, you heard that right!

Jackson was born amid the splendidly beautiful hills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. In his early childhood, he used to go barefoot to primary school. And on his way, he often noticed numerous tourist vehicles taking trekkers to and fro from Mount Kilimanjaro. He often ran along with them and waved hands and said “Jambo, Jambo”. This is where the dream to work in this industry was born and has never faded away ever since.

While studying at the university, he alongside worked as a potter to not only be able to pay his tuition fees but to do more. Before he graduated, he wanted to be independent and build a personality of his own by following his passion- adventure. This is when he started his own safari business and there’s been no turning back since then.

Today, the company celebrates decades of success with a milestone of creating a luxury African safari company run by a pool of professionals. Having fifty percent women, supporting native-born guides, and curating a network of local experts, Bush 2 City Adventure is an inspiring influential leader in the luxury travel industry.

Moreover, Bush 2 City Adventure is rightfully known for providing exceptional and exclusive
insider access which is frequently built upon Jackson`s lifeblood in Africa. Jackson’s extraordinary dedication to working on every detail and making it perfect is now his obsession. Providing a seamless experience from the moment the client steps off the plane is a responsibility that we adhere to with great enthusiasm.

A Message From The Director

At Bush 2 City Adventure, we believe that our knowledge of Africa is unrivaled- combine this with passion and commitment to personalized travel solutions. We are confident that our enthusiasm, unmatched knowledge, and efficient service will win you over. We are committed and dedicated to providing a never-have-i-ever enriching experience.

Moreover, if you are looking to have all your whims, fancies, and pleasures to be on your safari itinerary; we will note down all your demands and make sure you see your mere ideas say the dawn of reality. Hence, we are a perfect match for you without any second thought.

Be it crafting one for your friends or colleagues; for your family or your employees; we ensure to encompass all your needs, wants, and desires. We’re always on the go to hunt down new sites and locations and simultaneously maintain the quality and standards of the old ones.

We also support numerous conservation and community initiatives across Africa and do our bit to contribute and make a difference to the world. You can check out our social media accounts here, for some first-hand informative blogs and some light relief and insights into the safari industry with industry leaders.


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