Payment Methods

There are two payment options:

1) Online Credit Card

2) Direct Wire Transfers

Online Credit Card:
It is the fastest method, but there is a 3.5% bank surcharge that you need to add on top to pay, but there are no additional bank costs apart from this. If you wish to pay by credit card, then please click on the link and insert your details. As soon as you enter your detail, you will get an online receipt, which is a proof of your payment.

FQA – Online Credit Card

Why should I make payment using credit card?

Credit card payment is the fastest method of making payments to us without going through many bank procedures. Once you make the payment, we immediately get approval. This method assists us to confirm your reservations promptly. There is an additional bank charge of 3.5% as mentioned below. There are no other hidden costs.

How do I know that my credit card payment is secured?

Your credit card payment is completely secured. We use a link that is sent directly by the bank. The website is HTTPS, which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Also, we do not take credit card numbers from you, it needs to be filled up by you using the bank website directly.

Why there is 3.5% charge?

The 3.5% charge is a bank charge. These charges are not applied by B2C Adventure Limited but by the bank. In Tanzania, the banks charge a supplement of 5% for paying by credit card.

How do I receive payment link?

It’s simple, just click here and you will be on the payments page

How do I know my credit card payment has gone through?

Once you insert the details in the secured website, you will automatically see an approval on the website and an online receipt which you need to print and save it for your records. Please send us the payment receipt by email so that we can confirm your booking immediately.

What happens after the credit card approval process?

Once we receive your credit card approval, we shall send you a credit card authorization form that you need to fill out for bank verification purposes only. In order to avoid fraud, the banks verify the forms that you have filled out to confirm that you are the owner of the credit card. You would also require scanning your passport copy and send it for bank verification.

Why do I need to send the credit card authorization form?

The reason is so that the banks can verify that you are the true owner of the credit card and thus avoid fraud.

What happen if my credit card transaction fail?

If your transaction fails, then you need to contact your bank to authorize the payments to Tanzania. Most of the time, banks put a caveat on transactions that they feel are fraudulent especially African countries. All you need to do is inform your bank regarding your transaction and you need to try again.

Direct Wire Transfers:
Below are all the bank details that you will require to transfer the funds to our account. If you pay using this method, you need to bear all the bank charges as we have no provisions for bank charges in the cost. When transferring the funds, please ensure that our final bank account name is mentioned in the transfer copy. Once we get the swift copy we shall send it to the bank to follow up. This mode of payment takes a minimum of 7 working days for the funds to arrive in our account.

Bank Details

To Beneficiary:



A/C No: 0250419627200

Swift Code: CORUTZTZ

Address: Meru Branch, Arusha-Tanzania

We know, you might be having some queries. We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.

FAQ – Direct Wire Transfers

How do I make a direct bank transfer?

You can pay using a direct wire transfer either by using online banking or going directly to the bank and instructing the bank to make an international wire transfer to B2C Adventure Limited.

How much are the bank charges for the beneficiary bank account?
Approximately USD 45 should be kept as a provision for beneficiary bank account charges.
What is the most important detail to mention in the wire transfer?

The most important detail when transfer payments to our account is our final beneficiary account details which is:.

Bank Details

To Beneficiary:



A/C No: 0250419627200

Swift Code: CORUTZTZ

Address: Meru Branch, Arusha-Tanzania

What is the IBAN number for Bank in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, the IBAN numbers are the same as the account numbers. A/C No: 0250419627200 (SAME AS IBAN NUMBER)

What happens after I make a wire transfer?
Once you have successfully completed a wire transfer, you need to scan us a wire confirmation so that we can follow up with the bank.
How long does it take for the wire transfer to arrival to us?
Wire transfer usually takes up to 7 working days to arrive in our account.
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