Stand in awe of Victoria Falls’ grandeur, witness the wild beauty of Hwange National Park, immerse yourself in vibrant culture, and embark on thrilling safaris in this captivating destination.


Jewel of Southern Africa

A Natural Marvel.
Along with its remarkable scenery and the magnificent variety of wildlife, the warmth and friendliness of the Zimbabwean people set a safari in Zimbabwe apart from the rest. Whether you choose to soak up the magical atmosphere at Victoria Falls (which is also one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World) or stare in wonder at the world’s largest artificial lake of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe is bound to captivate your heart and soul.

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In the 80s, Zimbabwe was a prime safari destination and set the stage for other African countries to join the luxury safari niche. Although political and economic woes might have impacted the country's tourism industry, it has come back blazing since the adoption of the American dollar as the country's currency.

Zimbabwe's vast expanses of pristine, remote wilderness have always been a constant drawcard and still offers some of the most incredible game viewing opportunities in Southern Africa. Ready to explore a landscape blessed with some of Africa's most beautiful reserves? Here's where to go and what to see!

Tailored tours to ignite your inspiration.

Here are some of our favorite Zimbabwe tours below.
Feel free to talk to a Travel Specialist to create a personalized journey just for you.

One-of-a-Kind Adventures

Custom Safari

Indulge in a unique, personalized Zimbabwe safari tailored to your preferences. Our safaris are renowned for providing an exceptional experience, ensuring your visit to Africa is truly unforgettable. Maximize your time to witness abundant wildlife and create cherished memories.

Explore More Destinations in Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park

Gonarezhou National Park

Mana Pools National Park

Victoria Falls


Zimbabwe at a glance

Experience unrivaled luxury in Zimbabwe, a harmonious blend of breathtaking landscapes and lavish comfort. Encounter the majesty of Victoria Falls, relish in boutique lodges amidst wildlife, and savor exquisite cuisine under the African stars. With thrilling adventures and authentic cultural encounters, Zimbabwe beckons you to embrace opulence in the heart of wild Africa.

Zimbabwe key facts

Zimbabwe’s extensive and untouched wilderness has perennially captivated, offering unparalleled game-viewing prospects that remain among the finest in Southern Africa.


15.2 Million


Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD)




All year around


English, Shona, Ndebele


Behold the majestic Zambezi, Africa's fourth-longest river.

Dry Woodland

Discover Hwange and Mana Pools, where riverine forests flourish with mahogany, wild fig, and iconic baobab trees.


Predominantly located within the expansive Hwange region.


Cheetahs thrive in open savannah landscapes, where their ability to spot and chase down prey is optimized.


Both Hwange and Mana Pools national parks boast remarkable populations of elephants.

African Wild dog

Elusive and rare, our conservation efforts are increasing the chances of spotting them at our camps.


The eland, the largest antelope, moves at a slow pace of up to 4 km/h (25 mph) but can leap an impressive 3 meters (10 feet).

Zimbabwe Weather

Zimbabwe is graced with an enchanting climate, where sun-kissed days transition into refreshingly cool and crystalline nights. Embracing summertime from November to April, the landscape welcomes a splendid variety of birds. The winter months, spanning from May to August, usher in drier and cooler weather. Come September and October, the atmosphere turns hot and arid. Winter’s touch sees temperatures plummeting to 0°C (32°F) during early mornings and evenings, offering a truly diverse climate experience.


December to March


June to November


With a wealth of knowledge gained over nearly a decade, we are thrilled to present you with unique and tailored insights into Zimbabwe safaris. Our objective is to address your key inquiries, furnishing you with indispensable advice for a remarkable and indelible adventure. Safeguard your safety and enhance your experience by heeding the following essential suggestions:

What currency is used in Zimbabwe?

The currency employed in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean Dollar. However, foreign currency is widely accepted for cash transactions, primarily using US Dollars, with the South African Rand (ZAR) also being recognized.

What time zone is Zimbabwe in?

Zimbabwe adheres to the same time zone as the entirety of Southern Africa, aligning with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 2 hours in the Central Africa Time Zone (CAT).

Can I use my credit cards in Zimbabwe?

Regrettably, credit card facilities are not available in Zimbabwe, including our Wilderness camps. However, debit card transactions are accepted, and payments can be made in cash.

What power sockets are used in Zimbabwe?

Given our commitment to preserving pristine wilderness areas, our camps often generate their own electricity. Camps feature 220V power points, and if you have devices running on 110V, it’s advisable to bring a converter. Carrying universal travel adaptors and extra batteries is also recommended.

What do I pack for a safari in Zimbabwe?

While luggage restrictions may apply, your Travel Designer can offer personalized advice based on your itinerary. Generally, warmer clothing suits cooler months, while lighter attire is suitable for summer. It’s wise to avoid bright colors and white clothing.

What is Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe stands as a medieval African city with a distinctive circular wall and tower. Integral to a prosperous African trading empire from the 11th to 15th centuries, it held sway over significant portions of the East African coast. The ruins have yielded a diverse array of artifacts, including pottery from China and Persia, along with Arab coins. An enriching addition to your Zimbabwean journey.

Do I need a visa to travel to Zimbabwe?

It’s recommended to consult your Travel Designer to determine if a visa is necessary for your entry into Zimbabwe. While certain nationalities might need to apply in advance, others have the option to acquire a visa upon arrival at the designated port of entry.

What is the COVID protocol for traveling to Zimbabwe?

Please speak to your Travel Designer for the latest travel advisory updates, to ensure that you are prepared for all COVID travel requirements in Zimbabwe before your departure.

Do I need a yellow fever vaccination for Zimbabwe?

If you are traveling to Zimbabwe from areas infected with yellow fever, you must have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate. We advise our guests to also have an updated TPD (tetanus, polo, diphtheria) vaccine and a hepatitis A vaccine. 

Do I need to take malaria medication when visiting Zimbabwe?

Please consult with your Travel Designer or travel clinic a few weeks before your departure. Some courses of medication may need to be started in advance of your visit to Zimbabwe.



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Zimbabwe Experiences

Embark on a journey of ultimate luxury and adventure in Zimbabwe, where opulent accommodations offer wildlife views, exclusive game drives unveil the Big Five, and the majestic Victoria Falls mesmerizes. Indulge in exquisite lodges, heart-pounding activities like Zambezi River canoeing, and cultural encounters in Harare's vibrant scene. Zimbabwe presents an unparalleled fusion of luxury and untamed exploration, crafting an unforgettable African escape.

Living the Safari Dream
Prepare for a Night of Thrills

Indulge in romance and seclusion through our sleep-out safari experiences. Drift off on an elevated platform beneath the awe-inspiring African night sky, alive with countless stars. Amidst the calls of nocturnal creatures, embrace the tranquility. Tune in to the distant howls of hyenas or the distant roars of lions. Greet the sunrise and spot fellow early risers as a new day dawns.

Star Beds

mmerse Yourself in the African Night Sky with Our Enchanting Star Bed Experience. Uncover the Thrill and Romance of Safari Nights Like Never Before.

Top Trip Deal
Journey With Bush 2 City!

Immerse yourself in the untamed sensations of nature, alongside your cherished partner. Far from the hustle of urban life and the glare of artificial lights, our secluded destinations offer prime stargazing opportunities. Uncover the perfect locations to begin your starlit adventure with Bush 2 City Adventure.

Get Ready
The African elephant.

In their presence, life gains new meaning—a profound enlightenment. Drawing close brings immeasurable joy, and as Africa's iconic creatures materialize, it's as if a vivid dream becomes reality—intense, captivating, and hypnotically vibrant.

Majestic African Elephant

Encountering an elephant while traversing the morning savannah is an unforgettable moment that etches itself into memory forever. The sight of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is a profound experience that captures the essence of Africa's untamed beauty.

Top Trip Deal
Journey With Bush 2 City!

Seize the opportunity to embrace adventure, to explore the uncharted, and to venture into new horizons. Elevate your journey with our unique safari encounters. Secure a private vehicle exclusively for you. Embark on a personally guided expedition with a dedicated expert. Immerse yourself in our intimate camps for assured seclusion.

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