From unique wildlife, lush rainforests, and stunning coastlines. Immerse in vibrant culture, diverse ecosystems – Baobab avenues to pristine beaches. Uncover rich biodiversity, and captivating landscapes, every moment an adventure.


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From lemurs to baobabs and everything in between, the island paradise of Madagascar is our planet’s oldest geological island. With its unique ecosystem, 90% of Madagascar’s plant and wildlife species are found nowhere else on Earth. It’s a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts where half the fun lies in the journey of getting to the incredible attractions.

Aside from Madagascar’s famous lemurs, it’s also home to many other weird and wonderful creatures and plants. The landscapes of the island are just as remarkable as its fauna and flora. Here, you can go from rainforest to desert in just 300 kilometers.

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If you relish an adventure, Madagascar is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers superb off-road driving experiences and resorts so remote you’ll need a private boat or plane to reach them! With abundant opportunities for hiking, diving, kitesurfing, and rock-climbing, there truly is something that’ll interest every kind of traveler here.ng.

A visit to “the wild,” as the similarly titled Madagascar movie called it, truly is something otherworldly. From the breathtaking mineral forest of the Tsingy de Bemaraha to the views offered at Lokobe National Park and the Tanikely Reserve on Nosey Be Island, Madagascar is a world in one location that you can’t afford to miss out on experiencing!

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Scuba Diving, Snorkelling Wide Variety of Watersports


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Madagascar at a glance

Discover Madagascar’s enchanting biodiversity and captivating landscapes. Immerse in lush rainforests with curious lemurs and colorful chameleons. Explore coastlines and the iconic Avenue of the Baobabs. Engage with vibrant cultures, savor Malagasy cuisine, and encounter rare creatures. Every moment in Madagascar is an adventure of discovery and wonder.

Madagascar key facts

Madagascar, located off Africa’s southeastern coast, is a biodiversity hotspot. Home to exclusive wildlife like lemurs and chameleons, its diverse landscapes include rainforests and coastlines. The island’s unique cultural blend and rich heritage make for an intriguing travel destination.


27 million people


Malagasy Ariary (MGA).




All year around


Malagasy and French

lush rainforests

Tree grow very tall


short grass with dotterd woodlands

coastal mangroves

ree that grows mainly in coastal saline or brackish water


Primate Wonders of Madagascar's Forests


Colorful Masters of Adaptation


Elusive Top Predator of Madagascar

Giant Tortoises

Slow, Majestic Wonders

Madagascar Weather

When traveling to Madagascar, note its tropical climate. November to April is the wet season with heavy rains and cyclone risks, while May to October offers cooler, drier weather. Check forecasts for your travel dates and pack accordingly with essentials like rain gear, sunscreen, and insect repellent.


April to October


November to March


Here is some travel information for Madagascar:

Most visitors require a visa to enter Madagascar. You can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport, but it’s recommended to check with the Madagascar Embassy or Consulate in your country before traveling.

Yellow fever vaccination is required if you are traveling from a yellow fever-endemic country. Malaria is present in many parts of Madagascar, so consult with a travel health professional about necessary precautions and medications.

The official currency is the Malagasy Ariary (MGA). Credit cards are accepted in larger cities, but it’s advisable to carry cash in smaller towns and rural areas

Malagasy is the official language, but French is widely spoken, especially in urban areas and tourist sites.

Madagascar has a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The best time to visit is during the cooler, dry season from April to October.

Madagascar is renowned for its unique biodiversity, including lemurs, chameleons, and other endemic species. Be respectful of the local wildlife and follow ethical guidelines for viewing and interacting with animals.

The Malagasy people have a rich cultural heritage. It’s polite to ask for permission before taking photos of people and their belongings. Modest clothing is recommended, especially when visiting rural areas and religious sites.

The Malagasy people have a rich cultural heritage. It’s polite to ask for permission before taking photos of people and their belongings. Modest clothing is recommended, especially when visiting rural areas and religious sites.

The main form of transportation within Madagascar is by road. There are domestic flights available between major cities and towns. Be prepared for long travel times on some routes due to road conditions.

Madagascar offers a range of accommodations, from budget guesthouses to luxury lodges. It’s advisable to book accommodations in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Many of Madagascar’s natural areas are protected, and some require permits or fees for entry. Check in advance for the requirements of the specific parks or reserves you plan to visit.

The standard voltage is 220V and the outlets are of Type C, D, E, and J. It’s recommended to carry a universal adapter if needed.

Remember that travel information can change, so it’s a good idea to consult with the Madagascar Embassy or Consulate in your country and stay updated on the latest travel advisories before your trip.



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