Take a Helicopter Flip Over the Birthplace of Mankind!

Kenya`s Northern Frontier
Scenic Flight

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As you soar above the massive desert landscape of Kenya’s Northern Frontier, you’ll see why the word ‘vast’ is a shameful understatement when referring to this part of the world.

Witness the impressive waters of the Jade Sea – Lake Turkana – just one of the Great Rift Lakes that mark the beginnings of a new ocean. Swoop past termite mounds that tower up to twenty feet tall. Be inspired by the sight of the Turkana tribespeople that seamlessly coexists with giraffes, gazelles, and ostriches that all go about their ancient routines. Finally, lose yourself in the horizon that seems to stretch to infinity and beyond.

There’s no better way to soak up the breathtaking geological, biological, and scenically impressive Northern Frontier than in a helicopter, and Bush 2 City Adventures can help turn that African Dream into reality!

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