It's incredibly simple: Just ring us up. We'll sort out the details afterward. Select from our Luxury African Safaris, pick a departure date, and enjoy a Private exclusive safari tailored just for you and your group. No mingling with strangers or joining larger groups.

All our
departures are
strictly private.

Seeking the thrill of observing lions, leopards, or cheetahs up close? Perhaps you've always yearned to witness the iconic Wildebeest Migration or to snap photos of elephants beneath a sunrise. Whether your heart beats for the graceful giraffe, zebra, the elusive black rhino, or the diverse bird species, we understand that every traveler's passion is unique. From our extensive experience, we recognize that diverse interests can clash in group settings.

Imagine wanting to photograph a Lilac Breasted Roller, while another is eager to trail lionesses on the prowl. Or the dilemma between catching the animals at dawn and indulging in a sumptuous lodge breakfast. In group tours, reconciling these contrasting wishes often leaves some disappointed. But with a private safari, you sidestep these conflicts, ensuring your dream journey remains uncompromised by others' preferences.

Private Safari Advantage

Booking an exclusive private safari with us offers numerous advantages. Beyond the luxury of personalization and flexibility, you'll benefit from our vast regional expertise and deep understanding of wildlife and local cultures.

We'll make your safari trip just the way you want it. Tell us what you like, how long you can stay, where you want to stay, and how much you can spend. Want a romantic trip, a family trip, or a trip to see certain animals? You decide. But don't worry, our team will help you make the best choices.

Fancy hotels, simple hotels, big tents, or camping with some extras? We have lots of options for where you can stay. We don't stick to certain places or hotels, so we'll find the best spot for you based on where the animals are moving and how much you want to spend.

Not sure when to go on your safari? We get that question a lot. The best time to go really depends on what you want, how long you have, and your budget. We know a lot about where the animals are during different times of the year, so we'll guide you to the best places.

No matter when or where you go, our trips are always fun, educational, and safe. We want to make sure your safari trip is a dream come true.

What Makes
a Private Safari?

The Private Exclusive Safari is a luxurious African adventure designed solely for you and your companions. You'll journey independently and at a rhythm that suits you, equipped with your personal vehicles, drivers, and Safari Director.


Pick the Luxury African Safari on our website that captivates you the most and select a date that fits your group's schedule. Reach out to us through a call or email. We'll verify room availability for your chosen dates. If they're open, the safari is yours. If not, we'll explore other options to ensure it works out for you.

An Affordable
Private Safari.

Select our readily available Luxury African Safari. It's exclusively and privately tailored for you and your team, offering many of the perks of a custom-designed safari but at a reduced cost. The undivided attention of a Bush 2 City Adventure Director alone adds immense value.

What is the
Ideal Group Size?

No matter the number. Whether it's your family, friends, colleagues, or just you and someone special, you decide. If your group's size changes before the trip, it's alright – we'll adjust accordingly.

How to Book a
Private Exclusive Safari?

Reach out to us on WhatsApp at +255 789 725 322, available from 8:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Africa Time) on weekdays. Alternatively, drop us an email at, or fill out the form below and we'll promptly start planning your Private Luxury African Safari.



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