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Payment Methods

Paying by credit card or wire transfer is quick and convenient

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There are two payment options:

Online Credit Card

It is the fastest method, but there is a 3.5% bank surcharge that you need to add on top to pay, but there are no additional bank costs apart from this. If you wish to pay by credit card, then please click on the link and insert your details. As soon as you enter your detail, you will get an online receipt, which is a proof of your payment.

Direct Wire Transfers

Below are all the bank details that you will require to transfer the funds to our account. If you pay using this method, you need to bear all the bank charges as we have no provisions for bank charges in the cost. When transferring the funds, please ensure that our final bank account name is mentioned in the transfer copy. Once we get the swift copy we shall send it to the bank to follow up. This mode of payment takes a minimum of 7 working days for the funds to arrive in our account.
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