Direct Wire Transfers

Bank transfer is the most cost-effective payment method

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Direct Wire Transfers

Below are all the bank details that you will require transferring the funds to our account. If you pay using this method, you need to bear all the bank charges as we have no provisions for bank charges in the cost. When transferring the funds, please ensure that our final bank account name is mentioned in the transfer copy. Once we get the swift copy we shall send it to the bank to follow up. This mode of payment takes a minimum of 7 working days for the funds to arrive in our account.


To Beneficiary:
We know, you might be having some queries. We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions.

1 FAQ – Direct Wire Transfers

How do I make a direct bank transfer?

You can pay using direct wire transfer either by using online banking or going directly to the bank and instructing the bank to make an international wire transfer to Bush 2 City Adventure Limited.

How much are the bank charges for the beneficiary bank account?

Approximately USD 45 should be kept as a provision for beneficiary bank account charges.

What is the most important detail to mention in the wire transfer?

The most important detail when transfer payments to our account is our final beneficiary account details which is

What is the IBAN number for Bank in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, the IBAN numbers are the same as account numbers. A/C: 0250419627200 (SAME AS IBAN NUMBER)

What happens after I make a wire transfer?

Once you have successfully completed a wire transfer, you need to scan us a wire confirmation so that we can follow up with the bank.

How does it take for the wire transfer to arrival to us?

Wire transfer usually takes up to 7 working days to arrive in our account.
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