The Core Values We Live By

As you would expect of a well-established, professional organization, we have certain core values which are at the heart of everything we do. You can read about these below: they will tell you a bit about ‘Who We Are’


Our lifeblood

We believe that communication is the path through a tangled garden. We listen to our travelers wishes, needs and desires – and then we strive to deliver these dreams. At Bush 2 City we build our ethos on beautiful, crystal clear, and completely honest communication.

If you have a certain dietary requirement, then we will ensure that every camp and hotel is aware of this. If you wish to stumble across certain animals out in the wild – then our guides will do their utmost to track them down for you. Tell us what you want, we will listen, and together we can make memories that are sure to last a lifetime.


We want to share it

There is little point in having knowledge, if it cannot be shared. For over twenty five years we have unraveled the layers of Tanzania, she is in our blood and the beat in our heart. We have traversed her landscapes, stalked her wildlife, swam in her pools, and laughed and danced and sang with her people.

We want to invite you into our world and share every inch of our knowledge, so you too, can understand her. From the second you initiate contact to the final farewell, we will go that extra mile to deliver a trip that fills you up with the warmth of experience.


We say what we mean

We believe that reputations are hard to win and easy to lose. We believe that communication becomes blurry and relationships strained without the diamond cut prism of pure honesty. We make a promise to all our clients to be nothing but transparent when it comes to our business.

Not only will we offer unbiased advice to help you make the most suitable choices about your trip, but we will also communicate clearly throughout the process. We ensure that every promise we make is fulfilled to the highest standard, and that our company.


We are all committed to showing you

Tanzania is brimming with gifts, from the fiery sun that rises and falls, to the dance of life and death in nature, the shimmering heights of mountains, and the deep cut craters. Villages echoing with song and dance, home cooked food and ancient traditions – you can see that we are proud of our world.

It’s this passion that we want to share, we want to show you the very best of our people and our land. We only work with those who understand and also feel this passion, so that they too, can pass it on to you and make your time here unforgettable. Passion and pride lead to shining that little bit brighter, and this is what we strive to do.

Valued Relationships

We believe that establishing

We believe in true and honest connections, pure communication, and a shared passion – we believe that this builds beautiful relationships that deserve to be nurtured. Here at Bush 2 City we love people, and we want to work together to make them happy. Not only do we value relationships with our visitors and neighbors, but we also value the most important relationship of all – the one with Mother Earth.

Building sustainable relationships and running our business in a way that respects the environment is paramount. Relationships are like gardens – you toil, you nurture, and you love – and then amazing things can blossom.


We have the expertise

At Bush 2 City adventures we know that not everybody wants a cookie cutter experience, that the true moments are those that are rare and authentic. We believe in one of a kind experiences and travelers who want to venture far from the beaten track without compromising on comfort and luxury. Every single one of our drivers and guides will always seek the extraordinary, will always look a little deeper, and will always work to deliver unforgettable moments. We have the unrivaled experience to offer you true experiences.

Exceptional Service

Is a way of life

Providing exceptional service is a way of life here at Bush 2 City and not a choice. Every decision we make, every core value that drives us forward, is pushed by the momentous question – are we delivering the best to our clients? Whether it is helping you to piece together your luxury bucket list itinerary, responding to questions in a prompt and comprehensive manner, offering sumptuous accommodation, and wonderful wildlife experiences, or even pulling over at the perfect moment so you can take a picture of that eye watering Serengeti sunset – we believe that the beauty is in the details.


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