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Overview – Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge

Nestled beside the entrance to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Neptune Ngorongoro is the gateway to a lush haven where wildebeests and zebras, along with their predators, begin their epic migration into the Serengeti-Maasai Mara ecosystem. A short, winding drive from the gate takes you to the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater—one of the most exhilarating drives on earth. From its peak, you can gaze down upon 100 pristine square miles of former lava lake, now a serene grassland and forest, home to over 25,000 large mammals. Descend a few thousand feet to the caldera’s floor and prepare for the spectacle of a lifetime.

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Accommodations at Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge

One of the safari’s often overlooked charms is its ability to slow us down, reintroduce us to creative idleness, and enhance our sense of repose. Neptune Ngorongoro is exceptional in this regard. Its 20 charming, unusually spacious log cabins are subtly decorated, fully modern yet charmingly simple. Each features a large veranda and a well-tended fireplace, capturing the essence of a classic safari ambiance.

The Earth & Rain Spa and the Lodge’s swimming pool are excellent sources of relaxation, while the restaurant, renowned for its creative and exceptionally well-curated menu, offers another perfect spot to unwind and share stories of wildlife encounters and stunning landscapes.

We hold Neptune Ngorongoro in high regard, not only for its beautiful location and lovely log cabins but especially for the attentiveness and cheerfulness of its staff. Even in East Africa, where excellent service and genuine care are the norm, Neptune Ngorongoro stands out. We often emphasize this on our website and in all our publications. After more than 50 years of safari experience, we have learned that while we come to Africa to see its animals, we fall in love with its people.

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Activities and Attractions at Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge

Describing the Ngorongoro Crater as one-of-a-kind almost feels redundant. Nothing in the known universe parallels its magnificence. Following a bountiful Neptune breakfast, we embark on a journey with our Bush 2 City Adventure Safari Guide, ascending to this unparalleled wonderland.

This is the Africa Peter Matthiessen so eloquently captured in The Tree Where Man Was Born. He described it as “a glimpse of the earth’s morning [that gives] a sense of origins, of innocence and mystery, like a marvelous childhood facility restored.”

In these pages, I wish to acknowledge the elephants, moving together “like black stone sculptures of the four major prophets,” as seen through the eyes of Isak Dinesen, and the giraffes, floating by with their “queer, inimitable, vegetative gracefulness.” To the lions basking in their unrivaled realm, the Cape buffalo grazing attentively—each as nimble as they are massive—and the cheetahs, ever ready for a sprint, coiled like sentient springs, I owe my deepest appreciation.

I am equally in awe of the elusive leopards, the throngs of wildebeest—an almost comical assembly of spare parts—and the massive, dainty, harrumphing hippos. These creatures, often seen on screens, are almost beyond belief when witnessed in reality. Matthiessen pondered, “How did the hippopotamus find its way up into the Crater Highlands, to blunder into the waters of Ngorongoro?” Today, they are seen there with wonder, encircled by steep walls.

To the natural world of the Ngorongoro Crater and all its inhabitants, thank you for restoring our sense of origins, innocence, and mystery.

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